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[TXT] bus.h  1.7   12 years  init   no need to include sys/device.h> here; include sys/types.h instead
[TXT] bus_spi.h  1.4   12 years  nbrk   add spi_cs{low,high}() to set CS line to low/high logic level.
[TXT] devctl.h  1.1   12 years  nbrk   introducing devctl, a mechanism to talk to device drivers from other drivers or ...
[TXT] device.h  1.9   12 years  nbrk   bump DVNAMELEN to 10 allowing device like 'spisdmmc' to attach
[TXT] gpio.h  1.1   12 years  nbrk   minimal General Purpose I/O uniform programming intefrace; many work on the road...
[TXT] kern_devconfig.h  1.1   12 years  init   branches: 1.1.1; Initial revision
[TXT] kern_irq.h  1.1   12 years  init   first steps towards interrupts support; intr_establish() and intr_disestablish()...
[TXT] kern_sched.h  1.4   12 years  nbrk   basic roundrobin multitasking support in FunnyOS! _vector_irq saves Sys_mode con...
[TXT] kern_time.h  1.1   12 years  init   System time functions/interface. rtc driver fills struct sysrtcops with its own ...
[TXT] mem.h  1.3   12 years  init   ugly hardcode KMEM_HEAPBEGIN ifdef ARCH_SAM7S64
[TXT] pcb.h  1.1   12 years  nbrk   describe struct pcb, process control block (task hardware context)
[TXT] types.h  1.2   12 years  init   correctly define NULL

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