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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] kern_devconfig.c  1.11   12 years  nbrk   change interrupt establishing semantic: now instead of '0' drivers should use '-...
[TXT] kern_devctl.c  1.1   12 years  nbrk   introducing devctl, a mechanism to talk to device drivers from other drivers or ...
[TXT] kern_irq.c  1.3   12 years  nbrk   fix linked list logic (irqtable) to correct link more than one element.
[TXT] kern_main.c  1.10   12 years  nbrk   add "Autoconfiguration completed\n" after devconfig is done; enable clocks and s...
[TXT] kern_mem.c  1.8   12 years  init   ugly hardcode brkaddr if we are sam7s64
[TXT] kern_sched.c  1.3   12 years  nbrk   basic roundrobin multitasking support in FunnyOS! _vector_irq saves Sys_mode con...
[TXT] kern_time.c  1.4   12 years  nbrk   print seconds as well!

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